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Preis: Free
Lizenz: Free
Betriebssytem: MacOS, Android, IOS, Tablet
Sprache: English
Software Datendienste Programmierung Tools Debugger
Seitenaufrufe: 716
erstellt am: 2022-09-21 17:00:08
API Tester: Debug requests   (0 Alternativen )
API Tester is the first mobile app to test any type of API on the go. Including REST, GraphQL, WebSocket, SOAP, JSON RPC, XML, HTTP, HTTPS. Main features: - All types of HTTP requests: GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE, HEAD, OPTIONS, COPY, LINK, UNLINK, PURGE, LOCK, UNLOCK, PROPFIND, VIEW. - Powerful GraphQL editor with full-scale experience: body editor with Queries, Mutations, Subscriptions and syntax support; variables editor; documentation explorer; request settings and metadata. - WebSocket testing tool. Handles connection and message exchange via WS or WSS. - API calls with any kind of request data encoding and transfer type (query params, URLEncoded params, FormData, raw data, send files from device storage, cloud, remote server). - Settings. TLS can be skipped, redirects can be disabled, timeouts are adjustable. Weak SSL verification can be enabled and replaced with self-signed certificate. - Import request or collection by curl, link or file from your device. And naturally, there is any type of collection for you: Swagger, OpenAPI, Postman, YAML. - Need to share request in seconds? One tap and done. Deep link and cURL command supported. - Integrations: Shortcuts, Widgets, Apple Watch app. Additional little things: - Autocomplete for most common headers keys. - Syntax highlighting; Auto formatting. - Optimized for viewing on any device screen. - Cookies. Collect, edit, create. - Request metrics. Measure request duration, response size, status code changing. - History of all request calls. - Request authorisation. Basic Auth with password and username. OAuth with header or query access token. mehr...
Mobile app, no need to use a laptop, many useful functions, easy way to explore APIs and debug requests
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